How To Relax And Change Your Day With Bang & Olufsen and Burton Blake

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A recent study found that simply meditating for 20 minutes per day can improve your mood, reduce your stress levels and increase your cognitive processing efficiency. In other words, switching off from the hustle and bustle of your normal world, even for a short time every day, will make you a happier, calmer and more intelligent person. What better way to switch off and relax than to immerse yourself in some of your favourite music? And what better way to enjoy that music than with Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound from your 3rd Generation Beoplay E8 truly wireless in-ear earphones from Burton Blake? Compact and powerful, the earphones aim to provide a superior music experience and market-leading features in a beautiful design statement. Beoplay E8 earphones are available in four classic B&O colours variants: Grey Mist, Black, Pink or Green.

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Listening to music that you love encourages your brain to release dopamine, a feel-good neurotransmitter linked to emotions such as happiness, excitement and joy. Music can also reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which not only makes you feel better about life, but could make you live longer as stress is generally accepted to be a key driver in many illnesses and diseases. Whether it's classical music, rock, pop or even heavy metal that you enjoy most, everyone deserves half an hour off each day, to sit in a comfortable place and just chill.

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At Burton Blake, we love the super-cool 2nd Generation Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9 over-ear headphones, which sound as good as they look, and they look amazing in Limestone or Matte Black! Most headphones look the same these days, but everyone knows that B&O stand out from the crowd with their amazing contemporary designs. And they sound incredible with an authentic and a finely tuned acoustic quality performance – close your eyes and imagine you're in the studio when the track was recorded. This may sound boring, but they are really comfortable too, and this is important if you are going to wear them for any time. The braided textile over your head is lovely and soft, and the high-quality leather earpads feel fresh and light on your ears even after hours of tailored listening, so you can truly float off into that other world of music joy and harmony we all know and love.

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If you prefer to listen to your favourite music on a room speaker, you can't get much better than the stunning multi-room Beoplay M5. Featuring True360 sound setup, tactile touch controls, and fabric and aluminium design in Natural, Black or Bronze finish, you can fill your home with the finest and astonishing sound from multiple B&O connected loudspeakers in every room, whether it's different music on each speaker or the same sound throughout the house. The M5 supports Chromecast built-in and Apple AirPlay, making it easy to use with your smartphone and, with three tweeters, a mid-range driver and a powerful woofer, it sounds superb on its own and even better in concert with multiple units. You can even use the B&O app to remote tell the M5 speaker where it is located in the room so it can optimise its sound balance for corner, wall or free-standing positions.

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On a nice sunny day, you could take your time out in the garden or at the park with the very cool Beosound A1 portable speaker. This great-looking speaker with its rugged and fully waterproof construction materials, quality soft-leather carry strap, and stunning sound has to be one of the best on-the-go speakers available today. And the integrated speakerphone and voice assistant, supporting Alexa Voice Assistant, completes the package – what more could you ask for? The A1 speaker, which is available in Grey Mist, Black Anthracite, Pink or Green, will be the centre of attention at a party or picnic with its punchy True360 omnidirectional seamless sound. And there's no need to take it in turns to connect, with the Beosound A1 speaker, two devices can connect at the same time, and both control the music. As well as being waterproof, it is also resistant to dust and sand, so why not take it to the beach and try it out? It will last all day providing up to 18 hours of listening time.

With Bang & Olufsen, in our store at Burton Blake, you have all bases covered when it comes to relaxing with perfect and high-quality sound products, including the brilliant Beoplay E8 in-ear earphones, the amazing acoustic quality of the Beoplay H4 over-ear headphones, the unrivalled multi-room orchestral sound of the Beoplay M5, and the sociable on-the-go A1 portable speaker. So why not take some time to change your day?

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