Single Watch Winders

      26 products

      26 products

      Single watch winders are compact and sleek, providing an efficient way to store an automatic watch without wearing it still keeping it wound and running. Available in a range of distinctive colours, our watch winders combine a simple, classic design with high-precision technology, including an extremely quiet Japanese Mabuchi motor and multiple patented rotation adjustments. The aesthetics are also extremely well taken care of; they are built with expensive and high-quality materials such as premium faux vegan leather, stainless steel closures and a sturdy wooden frame. 

      The individual watch winding case provides a smooth rotation to the watch, unlike some other winders on the market, especially older models. The Brand we recommend, WOLF, does not rotate continuously but smartly. A continuous movement can lead to overcoming and potential damage to the watch mechanisms. Instead, WOLF watch winders patented a movement that regularly stops between each rotation cycle and rests every 24 hours. This means you can be sure that your watch will never run the risk of being overcome. WOLF watch rotators products can be adjusted to rotate clockwise, counterclockwise or alternately, and can be switched between 300 and 1,200 turns per day to suit any settings desire (some of the models can be adjusted via the display). If you have multiple watches that need to be grouped, check out our watch winder box collection, which can engrave up to 16 pieces at a time. We also sell high-quality watch boxes and desk trays, including stylish watch boxes capsule and jewellery boxes by WOLF. 

      With Burton Blake, you can always feel confident in your purchases. 

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