Luxury Watch Winders

    Luxury Watch Winders: a note by Burton Blake

    Why do you need a Luxury Watch Winder? At Burton Blake, our Luxury Lifestyle Specialists will help you decide the best watch winder for your luxury automatic timepiece. Read below to discover the importance of having this accessory.

    Let's start with a simple acknowledgement: the movement of the wrist drives automatic watches. That movement rotates a rotor in the watch case, which envelops the mainspring, stores energy and slowly feeds it into the mainspring itself. Most mechanical watches have a power reserve from 36 to 48 hours, which means that when the mainspring is fully rolled, the timepiece can keep the exact time for three or four days without moving or, in other terms, without being worn.

    Suppose you have multiple luxury automatic watches that you like to switch between. The typical mechanical movement can retain enough energy to outlast a day or two, but it will stop running if left longer. You will need to touch the rotary to adjust the time next opportunity you use the watch. Even worse, if your timepiece has additional complications like days and months, lunar phase, and more, resetting whenever you want to wear the watch can be annoying. That's where a quality watch winder comes to the rescue: securely holding a watch and rotate it sporadically throughout the day. This apparently simple action ensure enough energy is fed into the mainspring to keep the movement going. Winders tend to rotate the clock several times in one direction before taking a break and then turn it in the other direction. The goal here is not to ultimately wind the mainspring but to keep the power reserve constant when rotating. To make this possible, the winder stops so that the watch can consume some force before turning a few times to lift it up again. But just as there are cheaper automatic watches, watch winders of extreme quality and precision make the difference here.

    Some watch winders have a simple on/off switch, while others allow some customisation technology, with a handy display to set the movement with precision. This means that you can optimally adjust your rotation direction and how many turns per day (also known as TPD) complete. This number may vary, but you will see options from around 600 to 1,200 rounds per day in general. It is also worthwhile to quickly explain that most automatic watches can not be damaged since they have a sliding clutch that prevents the mainspring from winding too tightly.

    In addition, a watch winder can serve as a valuable and safe way to store your watch when not in use. Many have a soft pad to fasten the watch and have a glass or plastic cover protecting the watch and prevent it from attracting dust. The larger watch winders can also be used as a statement piece of beautiful modern design for your bedroom or closet, with compartments for various watches, accessories and other jewellery. The best watch winders are finely handcrafted from fine materials such as wood, stainless steel and vegan leather.

    After all, larger watch winders (with matching price tags) can serve as a safe holder for your most valuable possessions.

    Ultimately, a watch winder is a must-have accessory for a collector of automatic watches. Still, it is also a luxurious innovation indispensable accessory if you want to keep your luxury timepiece healthy and functional for years to come.

    We at Burton Blake recommend one brand in particular. Visit the WOLF collection, the best-recognised watch winder brand on the market, featuring exclusive patented mechanisms and award-winning designs.

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