Eddingtons Kitchen Trolleys


      Eddington's range of kitchen trolley systems are designed to make life easier for you in the kitchen since 2000. They can be used as a single or double system, and come with an optional storage shelf that is ideal if your kitchen has limited space. The Eddingtons range includes:

      Kitchen Trolleys - Single System

      Single Systems have one drawer on each side which means there will always be room for more than just knives! These units also include a removable stainless steel tray so it’s easy to clean up spills. This unit comes complete with wheels and handles making them very portable.

      Kitchen Trolley – Double System

      Double systems offer two drawers on either side giving plenty of space for all those utensils and gadgets you need at hand when cooking. You get extra storage by having both sides open allowing you to store larger items such as pots and pans away from the reach of children. There is no limit to how many items you can fit into these units, they simply keep getting bigger and better!

      Storage Shelf Option

      If you want even more storage then why not add our optional Storage Shelf? It fits perfectly between the two cabinets and adds another 12cm deep storage area. Perfect for storing spices, herbs, tea bags etc., this option makes sure everything stays organised and out of sight.

      Optional Extras

      Enjoy your bottles of wine thanks to Eddington's range of kitchen trolley systems.