KEF Speakers and Subwoofers

    KEF Speakers are now up at Burton Blake. We are KEF Authorised Stockists. The iconic British brand speakers and subwoofers elevate your sound atmosphere, loved by hundreds of thousands of audiophiles worldwide.
    How would we define an audiophile? As a person who uses music to listen to the sound system. With KEF, you won't go wrong if you like audiophile music. Get some legendary Kef Audio speakers and subwoofers right here at Burton Blake, the Luxury Lifestyle Shop. This incredible British speaker maker has been excellently engineering and producing in the UK for many years, and you can easily see the reasons why they are so famous for such premium excellent performance. They are renowned for high-quality output and innovation and incredibly lightweight with compact dimensions so that they can easily be packed away when not in use, and they have a massive range of stylish models to choose from.

    KEF, the acronym of Kent Engineering & Foundry, was founded in 1961 by Raymond Cooke OBE in Kent. From the beginning, he wanted to experiment with new materials alternatives and technologies to create products of superior acoustic quality that could reproduce sounds as natural as the original performance source, bringing innovative and high-performance speakers to the market. According to Raymond, the music must return to your ears and mind the most natural and genuine way it can, without drama, without exaggeration, without artifice.
    Each Kef speaker and subwoofer set come with a vast range of features, and they will also fit all rooms of your house. They will also help to make the sound from your TV or DVD player and even though they are not the size of your average TV screen they do give a great sound which will improve the enjoyment of watching your favourite television programmes or Netflix series.
    You are one step away from enjoying KEF's unique technology options starting from the "KEF Uni-Q point source driver array" to reproduce superior quality sound over a broad area. With Uni-Q, the mid ranges, aluminium dome tweeter and treble units are mounted at precisely the same point in space. They are made of a new magnetic material called Neodymium-Iron-Boron, which has ten times the magnetic strength of a conventional ferrite magnet that eliminates the distortion of the reverberant energy in the listening room. This allows the so-called 'matched directivity': there is no need for the listener to be positioned directly in front of the speakers or subwoofers to hear the best symphony of sounds. "KEF ultra-wide dispersion" uniforms tonal balance across the listening area, and improves the off-axis stereo imaging. The "KEF unparalleled audio quality" technology permits you to listen to an immersive sound as the musicians or actors are there in front of you, in a controlled and continuous way over the whole audio range.
    "KEF's Music Integrity Engine" corrects sound timing issues that could blur the music, lose the beat and cover up the details that define the performance; giving instead beat back into step and restoring the important little details in each loudspeaker.
    The cabinet edges "KEF shadow flare" creates a potential for diffraction and the "Single apparent SourceTM" generates very similar individual sound fields, especially at the crossover frequencies where the acoustic output switches from one driver to another. That technology completes the characteristics of the Uni-Q driver array to deliver unrivalled coherence throughout the frequency range.
    The "Constrained Layer Damping" technique by KEF permits to reduce secondary noises and vibrations that cause the colouration, by placing wooden braces loosely interface with the main speaker panel, allowing a reduction of these vibrations by up to 20dB. Flexible Ports also compete to reduce colouring and turbulence. The Low Profile Driver of 30mm allows you to physically adapt KEF models to LED TVs sleek design, without sacrificing acoustic performance.
    The "KEF IBX", (Intelligent Bass Extension algorithm), extends the depth sound that unlocks the full potential of the custom driver of KEF speakers and subwoofers, giving you unparalleled precision and ultimate synchronicity between amplifier, driver and sealed cabinet.
    You can place the loudspeakers bookshelf wherever you want and still enjoy great sound thanks to KEF "Select A-Mount" function, which automatically adjust the crossover of your sound speakers.
    As the latest technology, we detail the "KEF ACE" technology features, which allows the speakers to have a large bass extension, to hear all those powerful low notes from organ fundamentals to life-like movie explosions, without the need of a physically large enclosure. This technology lets the bass drive to interact with the air inside the cabinet, through a process called adsorption, filling the enclosure with activated carbon. The ACE loaded version maintained the same bass performance of  physically large enclosure with 40% less volume.
    KEF speakers will look great in any home. If you have a room full of modern furniture, you will be sure to get compliments on the choice of speakers when the family are at home to watch their favourite TV shows or films.
    When they are put to use to their full capacity, Kef speakers are highly effective in providing high-quality sound and clarity. These speakers will not only improve the sound quality but will increase the enjoyment of the experience of listening to music and television programmes.
    You will be amazed at how effective they can be at improving the quality of your audio experience, and you will be able to hear every detail in your songs and films. If you are a music and beautiful sound lover, you will appreciate having the best sound possible. You will enjoy music and television programmes much more, and if you are watching movies, then you will enjoy the movie sound much more too.
    The price for KEF speakers is reasonable because they are an excellent investment as they are one of the most affordable systems to buy for the quality and ideal sound they are producing. Whether you are purchasing the KEF speakers and subwoofers for your home entertainment or your music listening needs, these speakers will provide an outstanding ideal experience.
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