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    Whoever the whisky lover is in your life, whether it’s you, a friend or a loved one - drinking the famous Scottish spirit demands the right tools for the job - in this case, the correct style of whisky glass. Much in the same way that you would not cut a steak with a butter knife, why would you choose to drink whisky from anything but the correct type of glass?

    As well as improving the taste and aromas of the whisky, which mostly highly-skilled whisky drinkers will notice - the correct style of glass should be used for a host of other reasons. Firstly, the correct style of whisky glass helps create a much better experience, and makes every glass of whisky an occasion in its own right. Secondly, choosing the correct type of glass gives the distillery which created the whisky, a nod of respect, after all - it took many, many years to create your whisky.

    At Burton Blake, we have handpicked this range of whisky glasses from brands which we know and trust to deliver excellently designed whisky glasses, of uncompromising quality.

    You can view the full range below, and get in touch if you have any questions.

    7 products
    Glencairn Cut Crystal 2 Whisky Glasses in Travel Presentation Box
    Glencairn Crystal
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    Glencairn Cut Crystal 2 Whiskey Tasting Glasses by Burton Blake
    Glencairn Cut Crystal 2 Whisky Tasting Glasses
    Glencairn Crystal
    Riedel Crystal Tumbler Collection Shadows Whisky Decanter and Glasses Set
    Glencairn Cut Crystal Mixer Glass in Premium Carton
    Glencairn Crystal
    Riedel Fine Crystal Vinum Single Malt Whisky Set of 2
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