Grado Headphones


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      Grado Headphones: a note by Burton Blake.

      Grado Headphones, the award-winning brand for Audiophiles at Burton Blake, representing tradition, quality and uniqueness in terms of sound performance.

      They’ve been called, "the finest electricity to sound transducer in the world." Grado is an American audio manufacturer known for hand building high-end dynamic open-back headphones. They are New York based and were founded in 1953, by master watchmaker Joseph Grado. Grado is still family owned, making it one of the oldest family companies in the audio industry

      Grado offer a vast range of headphones from entry¬-level, wooden, metal and wireless - each product represents a significant step forward in sonic reproduction. With Grado you will find true audio prestige. These luxury products are designed and built to a superior quality with robust materials to offer you hours of listening with richer and genuine sounds.

      Grado headphones are truly the world's finest - shop Grado Headphones now at Burton Blake Luxury Lifestyle.