Best yoga mat? Things and features to consider when buying a yoga mat

Manduka Yoga Mats and Gaiam Yoga Mats are leaders in empowering people inner power during practices including yoga and vinyasa. Read our article to discover the importance to buy a quality mat brand as Manduka or Gaiam.

With COVID-19 impacting people’s ability to go to the gym or classes, there has been a growing need for quality equipment that allows people to exercise in the comfort of their own homes. Yoga is no exception. There are a growing number of online exercise training classes, carried out by professional teachers. They provide free yoga classes on YouTube, with top-end yoga mat brands, including Manduka and Gaiam. Whether you are a professional or a novice, having a high-quality yoga mat is essential to support and enable you to get the most out of your workout. Visit MandukaTV and Gaiam Channel on Youtube.

At Burton Blake, we understand the need to find a yoga mat that meets your own unique requirements, such as size or thickness. So we have selected a wide range of mats covering your specific needs. Have a look at the yoga mat and accessories collection page to understand the options.

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Yoga level – professional or beginner? Does it matter?

Do you require a different type of mat, depending on your level of experience and expertise during each of your performance? The simple answer is no. The purpose of the mat is to make you more comfortable and give you support when undertaking your yoga routines. The key is choosing a high-quality mat which takes into consideration your physical requirements, with the aim to enhance and strengthen each movement. Below is a complete overview with a list of key factors to consider when choosing your special mat. All yoga mats supplied by Burton Blake have explicitly been selected with care to giving you a choice of high quality long lasting mats, by selecting companies recommended by many happy customers. They become ambassadors of those brands, thanks to the satisfaction by using the mats.

All mats on Burton Blake can be used by everyone doing yoga from beginners right the way up to top professionals. Suppose you see professionals using a leading brand such as Manduka or Gaiam. In that case, you can take comfort from the fact that these are top quality hard wearing brands.

Best yoga mat? Things and features to consider when buying a yoga mat:

There are eight key criteria qualities to be considered. Best yoga mat selection for your needs should incorporate the following:

  1.  Weight: Will you use your yoga mat at home or ‘on the go’? A travel mat should be suitably lighter.
  2.  Size: Would you like a mat with a bigger width and length? Your physical size should be taken into consideration.
  3.  Thickness: Do you desire a thicker mat to provide more cushioning for your knees, or would you prefer a thinner mat to keep you more grounded? 
  4.  Material: Do you want to use the mat on any surface, including carpet and wooden floors, or concrete? How hard is the underlying surface? The lightweight with ultra perspiration and evaporation technology is essential in a quality yoga mat. Guaranteeing additional absorption and grip when the mat is wet from sweat or even with moisture.
  5.  Accessories: Would a block support be beneficial during yoga positions?
  6.  Design: Do you have a preference of style, colour or pattern?
  7.  Durability: How long do you want to mat to last? 
  8. Easily cleaned: Sweat is an inevitable part of performing yoga. Therefore the materials used to manufacture your yoga mat should be easy to clean and wipe down. 

Suppose you are a beginner and would like accessories to support you. In that case, there is a kit supplied by Gaiam which includes equipment which you can consider to help your yoga programme. 

To help you choose from the many options available from our wide top quality range, we have put together some highlights which may help in your selection of the perfect yoga mat:

  • Ultimate quality and long-lasting mats - Manduka PRO:

With 6mm thickness, Manduka’s PRO range provides extra comfort for all levels of yoga exercises and comes in various widths and lengths. This is perfect for ensuring that you can get the mat which is the right size for you. 

Gaiam’s wide range of intricately designed patterned yoga mats with different thicknesses make the perfect high-quality yoga mat present.

Manduka have also developed a ‘lite’ version (5mm thickness) of their PRO mats to facilitate and improve easy ‘on the go’ travel. As with Manduka’s other yoga mats, they are slide resistant and easy to clean and wash. This mat can be used on all surfaces and so can really be used anywhere on the go.

    This affordable beginners kit is perfect for those wanting some extra support during yoga sessions with a block and strap included with the mat. These accessories can assist you in increasing your motion and modifying more tricky poses to suit you.

    These environmentally friendly mats are made from biodegradable natural tree rubber with no PVC or harmful plasticisers used in the making. On top of this, it can be cleaned by just wiping it down.

    Gaiam’s back reliever can be used by all exercisers, not just yogis! Through this massage tool, you can experience a supported stretch after workouts of all intensities. 

    In addition to the above, Burton Blake supplies and we have in stock many different colours, sizes available, and thicknesses, to address personal customers preferences. There is a wide range of choices available. The rest is down to you, automatically enjoy free shipping delivery in 1-day at your door. Plus, easy 30-day return policy. 

    Good luck with your yoga journey! We can highly recommend it!

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