Introducing Audio-Engine at Burton Blake: Premium Powered Speakers

We’re thrilled to be introducing Audio-Engine to our luxury collection of audio equipment. Audio-Engine’s core products are powered speakers – many of them harnessing the revolutionary power of wireless tech.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the products now available at Burton Blake – and ultimately why they’re the perfect speakers for anyone looking for a premium audio experience. 

Who is Audio-Engine?

Founded in 2005 by American entrepreneurs Brady Bargenquast and Dave Evans, Audio-Engine is a premium audio brand based in Austin, TX. The company's ethos is to build products that sound great, that are easy-to-use and make people want to enjoy music every day.

If you’re looking for speakers that can perfectly replicate exactly how music artists wanted their work to sound, Audio-Engine is the perfect brand for you. Their legendary powered speakers are loved by audiophiles and professionals alike for their balanced sound, great build quality and great value.

What are the best Audio-Engine Speakers?

Audio-Engine has a large range of products to suit your tastes, setup and budget. Here are some of the best picks from their portfolio of powered speakers.

A2+ Home Music System W/ Bluetooth Aptx

A2 Audio Engine Burton Blake Shop UK

The Audio-Engine A2+ delivers stellar sound quality and a reasonable price, perfect for those looking for speakers to power a home studio or just to appreciate the finer details in your favourite tracks. 

Setting you back a mere £239, the A2+ is one of Audio-Engine’s more affordable premium wireless speakers – but this by no means suggests the A2+ is anything but an audiophile-grade pair of speakers.

Each speaker is packed with a 0.75-inch silk dome tweeter and a 2.75-inch aramid fibre woofer. This delivers great details in the highs and mids, reaching up to 60W of power. Whilst the A2+’s lacks the punch in low-ends in bass-heavy songs, producers will appreciate the balanced sound signature. 

Moreover, the A2+ uses the Bluetooth APTX codec for crystal-clear Bluetooth audio. Not a fan of wireless? You can also hook it up to a PC with its USB DAC input or through AUX input via 3.5mm or RCA.

A5+ Home Music System with Bluetooth APTX-HD

 a5wireless bamboo Audio Engine Burton Blake Shop UK

Stepping up to the A5+ offers you a greater selection of features and more power. Delivering 50W per channel – or 100W combined – the Audio-Engine A5+ delivers the ‘oomph’ to fill any room.

Featuring 13cm Kevlar woofers and 20mm silk dome tweeters, the A5+ packs a confident sound signature at every level in the mix. You can hear all the details in instruments while vocals are bright and pleasant, thanks to its faithful reproduction of highs and mids. At the low-end, the bass is punchy without being overpowering. The A5+ has a balanced but detailed sound profile, perfect for music enjoyment and mixing alike.

The A5+ supports the latest-generation Bluetooth APTX-HD codec – supporting true hi-res wireless streaming. If wireless isn’t your jam, you can hook up a tape deck, turntable, mobile phone or PC via 3.5mm AUX input or RCA. If you need more bass, you can also hook up an external subwoofer. 

At £499, the A5+ is stepping up the price. But the extra power and the hi-res Bluetooth streaming more than makes up for the added cost.

Audio-Engine HD3

 AE HD3 Audio Engine Burton Blake Shop UK

With its cherry or walnut finish and wide array of connection options, the Audio-Engine HD3 is a stylish and powerful option for a wireless home audio system. Despite its compact size, the HD3 offers a fantastic soundstage with great room-filling sound.

The HD3’s appeal starts with the design. For starters, the furniture-grade walnut veneer brings a cool, retro look to your speakers – paired with the aluminium panels housing the controls and logo. 

Both speakers feature a 0.75-inch silk dome tweeter and a 2.75-inch Kevlar woofer –delivering 30W of power each channel (60W combined). This gives great details in the highs and mids, with the woofer packing some surprisingly punchy bass. These speakers can get pretty loud, although there can be some distortion at higher volumes. 

At the right volume, the HD3’s are brilliant – presenting detail effortlessly while filling your room with a great soundstage. You can pair this with an external subwoofer for extra bass, although the low-end reproduction is good enough for songs that don’t rely too much on sub-bass.

This pair of powered speakers supports hi-res Bluetooth with APTX-HD, alongside aux analog in and a headphone jack for solo listening. If you’re using a PC, you can use the in-built USB DAC through the speaker’s micro-USB input. Overall, the Audio-Engine HD3 is a stylish and powerful speaker for home critical listening and music enjoyment.

What accessories do Audio-Engine offer?

Once you've selected and fallen in love with your Audio-Engine powered speaker, it's time to look at some accessories and add-ons. Here are some of Audio-Engine’s best products to pair with your speakers. 

Powered Subwoofer: S8

Whilst Audio-Engine speakers tend to have good, balanced bass reproduction, bookshelf speakers cannot compare to a dedicated subwoofer. The Audio-Engine S8W is a wireless external subwoofer to add to any audio system. 

S8 Audio Engine Burton Blake Shop UK

The S8W connects via AudioEngine’s premium wireless audio adapter – but can also hook up to your speakers via 3.5mm aux input or RCA.

The S8B is the non-wireless variant, and therefore lacks the adapter. Both of these powered subwoofers offer you complete control over your bass experience through knobs adjusting volume and crossover on the rear of the unit. 

With an 8″ custom woofer, both S8 subwoofers deliver punchy and room-filling sub-bass – all in a compact housing.

DS1 Desktop Stands

Compatible with the A1, A2+, HD3 speakers, the DS1 desktop stands help you alter the angle at which the speakers fire sound waves to you. This helps deliver a fuller, more directed sound – whilst also reducing vibration between your speakers and the desk. 

Moreover, they complement the look of these speakers – giving them an attractive and striking appearance. 

Check out our full range of Audio-Engine Products

If you’re in the market for professional and premium audio products like powered speakers and subwoofers, click here to check out the full range from Audio-Engine. 

While you’re at it, feel free to browse our full collection of pro and enthusiast audio equipment at Burton Blake including speakers and headphones today!

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