Luxury Business Gift Guide

Whether it’s to celebrate a business deal, mark a work anniversary or simply say thank-you to a colleague or customers at Christmas time - there’s so many reasons why you should choose to give a business gift. Business Gifts are the perfect way of showing your appreciation, and although some companies and individuals shy away from giving gifts - in our experience, it’s very rare that giving a gift is the wrong decision. There are however, a couple of things to consider to make sure that the gift is well chosen, and as a result - well received.

Business Gift Giving Occasions

Some of the most common occasions for giving gifts in the world of business, are as follows:

  • During specific holidays, such as Christmas
  • Life events such as weddings or the birth of a child
  • Celebrating a recent promotion
  • Celebrating a new contract/completion of a project
  • Recognising that somebody has gone well beyond the call of duty

Keep it Relevant

One of the most important things with gift giving full stop, is keeping it relevant. Consider your client’s or colleagues interests - and if you do not know them, buy a gift which has universal appeal.

Skip the Promotional Material

A gift should be just that - a token of appreciation. Do not use the opportunity to go mega corporate sending them garishly company branded materials. Nobody appreciates 50 mouse mats in the post.

Burton Blake Favourites & Best Sellers

At Burton Blake, we speak to customers day in day out - looking for the perfect business gifts to give to either customers or colleagues - and we think we have a range of gifts which cover all bases. Safe, inoffensive and universally loved and enjoyed - these gifts are options which deliver every single time.

Below, we run through some of our personal favourites, and favourites of some of our customers:

Cabin Luggage

Although luggage may sound like a very strange choice of gift in the professional world, it’s actually an ideal choice for colleagues and customers who you know travel around with work alot. Some business people spend more time in the air than on terra firma, and the gift of a professional grade piece of cabin luggage - can be incredibly useful - keeping you fresh in their mind for years to come. There are alot of business specific pieces of luggage available too, making for the perfect gift for the frequent flyer.

Luxury Pens

In today’s world of throwaway Biros & ballpoint pens - a good pen really stands out in the office and in the boardroom and can be the perfect gift in the corporate world. There’s still a huge amount we need to do with pens in the workplace, from signing contracts to note taking - so even in the world of today’s technologies - the pen has it’s rightful place in this guide.


Cross Pens in our book tick all of the right boxes, with a massive range available for all budgets and occasions.

Luxury Stationery

Continuing on the same lines as the pen - there’s a range of luxury stationery on the market today which also makes for the perfect corporate gift. Tablet cases and organisers are all available from massive brands such as Filofax - making for the perfect office accessory.


Business Gifts from Burton Blake

Above are just a few examples of what gifts could be given to those at work who matter to you most. There are of course, a range of more personal gifts which span lifestyle & homeware - but in giving these gifts, a more in depth knowledge of the person is needed to truly get it right.

You can view our full range of gifts here, and if you are still struggling for that perfect business gift - get in touch and we are sure we will be able to help.

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