A new beginning with German engineering. Meet Sennheiser at Burton Blake.

Being true to its engineering heritage, Sennheiser has launched a new range of headphones capable of giving you goosebumps in every beat. With 75 years of innovative excellence, the German manufacturer has some tantalising new products launched in the UK. At Burton Blake, we are delighted to partner with Sennheiser to bring you sound that is not only heard but also felt.

One powerful scientific fact behind listening to music is that it stimulates memory. A busy life that takes new challenges every other moment has to keep the mind at ease to be able to accomplish even tougher challenges. That’s why we have handpicked the classiest and finest headphones from Sennheiser so that you can enjoy a true acoustic experience in body and mind.

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Comfort and quality – designed around your lifestyle

Whether you are on your morning run or a flight to an exotic destination, it is important to have your audio gear as ready as you are. The soundtrack, be it a classical piece or podcast, has to emanate sound that you could feel right at the centre of your being – without ever slowing you down. In other words, the audio device should not impede your pace to 'listen to the track’. Sennheiser’s superior audio technology can elevate the level of pleasure from music whilst you take on the most challenging tasks without slowing you down. As one of the best Sennheiser authorised resellers online, Burton Blake has an irresistible new line up of headphones from this esteemed German manufacturer.

Introducing Sennheiser’s MOMENTUM Range

Uplift your listening experience to the premium level instantly with Sennheiser’s MOMENTUM True Wireless II earphones. The brand-new range has the hallmarks of cutting-edge sound technology, sleek aesthetics, and an abundance of advanced features with added enhancements. It's designed to deliver an immersive experience that is second to none.

All of the devices in the MOMENTUM range have been designed for your physical freedom from the very get-go. The headphones start up automatically the moment you unfold them. If you take them off, they automatically pause any audio that is being played. Active noise cancellation is a built-in feature that can help you drown out unwanted noise. 

Coupled with three different modes of adaptive noise cancellation (ANC), the MOMENTUM range profoundly redefines the capabilities of ANC. The devices are designed to empower you to choose your level of immersion and listening quality, regardless of the environment. In contrast to this, the transparency hearing function turns the noise cancellation off and enables you to hear the external sound, if you prefer. On top of all this, the one-touch voice assistant is the perfect utility for accessing Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa.

The most sought-after Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 [link] is now available at our exclusive online audio store. With a money-back guarantee and an enviable after-sales service, you have the total peace of mind to indulge in the MOMENTUM range in style.

Battery life is also a major concern when your day has little limits. Safe to say, the Sennheiser MOMENTUM earphones can play your favourite tracks for up to 17 hours without break. The MOMENTUM Wireless is particularly ahead as far as battery life concerned amongst the many Sennheiser headphones.

Bundled with Sennheiser’s Smart Control mobile app, this range of products allows you to fine-tune your listening experience using the built-in equalizer. An integrated Bluetooth tracker makes it impossible for you to misplace your headphones.

Owning a MOMENTUM earphone is the perfect addition to your acoustic gear collection. We’ve handpicked the best of the range for your Sennheiser online shopping experience here at Burton Blake.

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Incomparable choice for elegance and aural indulgence

In addition to the MOMENTUM range, we are excited to introduce three other headphones designed with a passion for peak performance. Sennheiser’s fascination in precise and detailed sound engineering has been manifested in these exquisite devices to enthral your auditory senses. They give you total freedom and mobility wherever you go with built-in intuitive technology. The ones to look out for are:

The HD range of headphones is delicately crafted premium devices that can elevate sound quality to an unparalleled level in any environment. They ensure the best listening experience thanks to their active noise cancellation, stream-lined ergonomics, and long battery life.

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Designed for travel, the PXC range upgrades every journey with sublime sound quality in astonishing quietness. The smart active noise cancellation ensures that you are fully immersed in every sound you experience in total harmony. However, you can opt for the transparency hearing mode to hear external sound in case you want to immerse in the surrounding environment. The headphones are built in such a way that you can seamlessly switch between listening to songs and making calls. Both the PXC and HD headphones utilise the latest Bluetooth firmware, which enables the devices to provide high-quality audio, rock-solid connectivity and unnoticeable latency.

All Sennheiser headphones have been designed with your freedom and aural experience in mind. Travel the world with music, calls, AI assistants, or simply journey in tranquillity without distractions. Delivering new dimensions of listening, impressive sound experiences and uplifting moments, a Sennheiser headphone could be the perfect partner for your journey.

Why not treat yourself to one?

Here are a few subtopics that we think will be helpful to you on your path to buying a Sennheiser product:

What is so special about Sennheiser products?

Having its roots firmly fixed in German engineering, Sennheiser already earns a special place in the world of innovation and smart technology. And with a heritage of more than 75 years, the brand carries a special sentimental value, too. As one of the world’s oldest audio manufacturers, Sennheiser leads the audio industry with cutting-edge innovation and meticulous research.

The endless love for Sennheiser from people across the globe is also because it listens to its customers. There is very much of an emphasis on "something for everyone", which has attracted a loyal following since the company’s inception. Sennheiser’s research-oriented product development has produced one of the most advanced headphones in the market today. And they will continue to revolutionise the way will listen to music tomorrow.

What is AAC codec support?

AAC is the abbreviation for ‘advanced audio coding’ and is the successor of the popular MP3 format. The AAC is the audio standard for lossy digital audio compression. This new format is preferred by Apple in all their devices due to the superior quality. Also, the AAC format is the license-free standard for YouTube and Sony’s PlayStation 3, making it the widely used codec at the moment.

Some Android devices are unable to use the AAC codec due to incompatibility. The primary reason is that AAC is not a very energy efficient format and Android devices are not prepared to handle it efficiently. The main feature in AAC is the superior playback quality, which iPhone users do benefit from. The transfer rate is capped at 250kbps, which creates a file similar to that of a mid-quality MP3.

How does ANC work?

ANC, which is the short form for ‘adaptive (or active) noise cancellation’ works by filtering out low-frequency noise with smart devices inside the headphone. To do this, the device is equipped with microphones to pick up unwanted soundwaves and neutralise it before it reaches the ear.

The noise-cancellation headphone emits a sound wave with the same frequency but inverted by 180 degrees to conflict with the original sound. The conflicting waves combine to form a new sound wave and effectively cancel each other out. This is when the ANC mode is switched on.

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