What is the best way to keep Wine and Beer cold during parties? Introducing the Outside Gang Cooler Table

Having a gathering and wanting to keep your drinks cold? Looking for a large Ice bucket with a stand?
In this beautiful weather, we need to consider the best way of doing this. You need something that can keep your drinks cold for many hours whilst you are out in the sunshine enjoying a barbeque or simply having dinner or drinks on the terrace. Outside Gang have the absolute perfect piece of kit that can transform the way you entertain and keep your wine, beer, champagne or soft drinks cold for up to 16 hours. All you need to do is add ice and drinks! Furthermore, it has a very convenient tray and chopping board too.
These very stylish, high quality made in the UK coolers are built to last and consist of a 16L bowl which comes in a range of colours and two variations, the Homebird and Freebird. Designed to fit in a small space in your home, garden or car when travelling.
The Outside Gang Freebird Entertaining Cooler comes with short legs which makes it perfect for either placing on a tabletop or directly on the ground beside you when on a picnic, camping at a festival, outside dining, or on the beach. The carry bag makes this an exceedingly portable item which has no bounds to the way it can be used. The champagne/wine tray is a unique design feature with it's 'hole in the middle' design; it sits neatly inside the bowl, keeping your wine cold until you need to serve it. The tray is not only a perfect table for standing your glasses on, but it also gives your ice extra protection from the sun so your drinks will stay fresher for longer. Additionally, the sustainably sourced mineral oiled bamboo chopping board is ideal for slicing those lemons and limes for your favourite drinks or food preparation.
The Outside Gang Homebird Entertaining Cooler also available in various colours come with long legs for using as a side table next to your barbeque or stand alone in the kitchen or party room or could even be used as a table for your balcony or terrace. This item also arrives with the Champagne/wine tray and a sustainably sourced mineral oiled bamboo chopping board. The perfect attribute to any event which looks fabulous inside or out.
Both the Homebird and Freebird have a magnetic top for bottle openers which will hold either your free Outside Gang bottle opener which comes with every pack, or an opener of your choice.
Will the Cooler holds enough Beer and Wine, how big are they?
All the coolers are 16 litres. They can hold 10 bottles of wine or 24 beers when open, enough to get the party started, then just keep topping it up! When using the Champagne tray, the cooler will hold 3 bottles, 2 inside and one standing ready to pour through the middle or 16 beers. With their tripod design, these coolers are sturdy, and you won't get these toppling over and spilling your beer.
What are the coolers made from and will they last?
Outside Gang have chosen high-quality materials for their products, wanting your item to last for many parties to come. Manufactured in the UK, the cooler bowl is made of PE resin and has insulated walls to ensure the ice stays cold. The Aluminium parts, including the bottle opener, are weather-resistant and won't fade in the sun or rust in the rain. However, remember the Bamboo lid will need to be kept indoors when not in use.
How does it work?
The Power of Ice. You will need Ice, lots of it, along with Wine, Beer, Champagne or any other drinks. Let the insulated bowl do the rest. When you have finished using the bowl and the beer has run out, just remove the plug at the bottom of the cooler to drain away from the ice and water, this is best done outside or over a sink!
What else could I use the Cooler for?
These portable and versatile coolers could be used for many occasions. Large parties in the garden or indoors, small gatherings, special occasions, drinks in the garden, camping, festivals, open-air events, picnics, on the beach, on holiday you name it the Freebird can go where you go.
Are there any Accessories available for the Homebird and Freebird Coolers?
Of course, Weather Covers for the Homebird, Boot to Beach Carry Bags for the Freebird, Insulated Tumblers, and Water-resistant LED light Kits to make your cooler glow in the dark.
Product Specifications
The Outside Gang Homebird model, with its long legs, has a height of 82cm a width of 44.5cm and a diameter of 44.5cm. The Freebird model, with its short legs, has a height of 40cm with a width of 44.5cm and a diameter of 44.5cm.
What is the warranty period?
You can purchase the Homebird and Freebird coolers with complete confidence as they both come with a two-year warranty from defects.
Where can I purchase one of these coolers?
Burton Blake is official retailers of the Outside Gang Coolers, we hold plenty of stock ready to ship with free next-day delivery! Easy 30 days return policy.
Visit us at www.burtonblake.co.uk to view all products or call Customer Services on 02031051669 for further information.
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