WOLF British Racing Green Collection: Keeping Your Timepieces Safe in Style

WOLF is one of the most well-known and highly rated brands for watch winders and will be familiar to anyone with an affinity for classic timepieces and luxury watches.

As every luxury watch enthusiast knows, “one is never enough”, which is why a watch winder is an indispensable item for any automatic watch collection. 

They are also a great way to highlight your valued timepieces, especially if your collection is getting to be quite large. 

Selecting the right watch winder, requires the same level of careful consideration as the watch itself, as they serve to highlight, protect and showcase your treasured investments.

For the uninitiated, when an automatic watch is not grazing your hand it needs to be kept turning and running just like it would when in use. A watch winder eliminates the need to readjust your watch constantly which causes unnecessary strain on the intricate mechanism and is at best a very time-consuming activity.

Since 1893, the WOLF brand, now in its 5th generation, has been honouring their original commitment to keep “ones prized possessions stored in a fine quality case". Having worked with most of the major luxury watch and jewellery brands around the world, WOLF is prized for their masterful innovations, reliability and aesthetically pleasing designs.

The recently released WOLF British Racing Green collection encapsulates the ethos and essence of the brand flawlessly with a focus on luxury and strong attention to detail. The British Racing Green Watch Winders are just as functional as they are artful conversation pieces, able to graze any bedside table or display cabinet. But you would be mistaken if you thought they lacked an edge! 

The collection is a tribute to the illegal racing that took place in Ireland in the early 1900's and stays true to their roots, highlighting the passion for heritage and family stories that WOLF has been known for.

WOLF Watch Winders UK

As the saying goes, “green is the colour of money”, but for centuries, green has also been associated with luck, power and natural order. The deep emerald green hues bring to mind the 1950s and 1960s teams of marques like Bentley, Cooper, Aston Martin, and Jaguar and celebrate the successes of the British racing teams through the years. The premium line features soft vegan leather and is available in single, double, triple and also 6-piece and 8-piece models, to accommodate all your treasured timepieces. The winder hardware is lined with hand-pressed gold foil lines and includes the iconic fluted bezel design.

One of the things that set WOLF watch winders apart is their patented innovation that allows for a precise count of the number of rotations. This is in contrast to other winders that simply provide an estimate. However, you still have the option to manually set the exact number of TPD (turns per day) between 300 and 1,200. The patented sensor ensures that even the heaviest watches will receive the energy they need to keep running smoothly and are magnetically shielded to prevent disruptions. 

If there is one thing you can't compromise on when looking for a watch winder is safety. Dubious quality watch winders do not offer customisation and flexibility which means the winder will keep spinning and most probably over wind your watch. WOLF watch winders have a sleep cycle program that includes 18 hours of inactivity and a lock-in cuff that allows for a snug and secure position. The focus on safety and innovation above all else is one of the many reasons why we believe, WOLF offers the best watch winders. Plus they are so silent you can keep them right by your bedside and not even notice!

Burton Blake is proud to be an official retail partner and authorised stockist of WOLF watch winders. Browse the British Racing Green collection here.

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