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    Whatever the reason is behind drinking champagne, it’s always worth taking the time to drink the champagne from a glass which does the drink and occasion justice. There are two main types of Champagne Glasses - and opinion is quite rightly split as to which is the ‘best’ glass to drink your fizz from. The two types available are champagne Flutes and Champagne Saucers.

    Both saucers & flutes represent true luxury and sophistication - and the differences between the two are simply down to personal preferences. Some argue that flutes retain the ‘fizz’ of the champagne better, whilst others argue that the aroma gained from drinking champagne from a saucer - represents the better experience.

    Whatever your preference, at Burton Blake - we have sourced a fantastic range of champagne glasses from the world’s leading glassware designers. All make into the range on account of their quality, design and value.

    You can browse the full range below, and just get in touch if you have any questions about the range.

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