Jura coffee machines, designed and manufactured in Switzerland, are renowned worldwide for their precision, reliability, innovation and stunning design. Burton Blake is an official authorised UK dealer for Jura coffee machines. A dedicated team of 70 engineers make specialist automatic coffee machines for a classic bean-to-cup experience.
The Jura range incorporates the classic A1 piano black and piano white, E8 dark inox, GIGA 5 chrome or aluminium, J6 in piano white or brilliant silver and the Z6 Aluminium or diamond black. These coffee machines combine professional technology with style and ease of use for a top-end home experience.
Jura have created the perfect barista coffee machine designed for use in the home, yet without compromising quality or the coffee experience. The bean, combined with top quality state-of-the-art equipment, is unrivalled for perfect coffee. Jura coffee machines achieve this while keeping the process simple via one touch operation. Jura coffee machines also come with Bluetooth capabilities for added fun and convenience.
Every Jura coffee machine includes a fully integrated coffee grinder, milk frother connected by a milk pipe to create a fine foam froth. Jura coffee machines can create a full range of coffee options including Cappuccino, Latte, Americano, Macchiato and Espresso. Jura also complement their coffee machines with an iconic range of beautifully designed cappuccino cups, espresso cups, espresso glasses and a cocoa duster.
Jura has signed Roger Federer, the Swiss multiple grand slam tennis champion, as it's international ambassador spreading the message of common values, performance, precision, elegance, prestige and passion for excellence. Jura are also proud of their focus on sustainability and eco intelligence. They have a long history of awareness of environmental issues which focus on coffee beans, energy efficiency and minimising unnecessary packaging waste.
Jura have a very good reputation in the professional use market, including hotels, bars, restaurants and offices. Burton Blake are proud to bring these designer quality products to the home for an uncompromising coffee experience. If you have any questions, please call us on 0203 105 1669 or email sales@burtonblake.co.uk.