Patek Philippe Watch Winders

      77 products

      77 products

      Patek Philippe watches are unlike any other watches for sale in the world. These watches are all understated, they do not need to flashy, loud or in your face - their elegance and the examples of the craftsmanship that goes into each Patek watch easily shine through. To understand just how special Patek Philippe Watches are, it’s important to understand that it’s thought that there have been less than one million watches made by Patek since 1839, that’s less than some Swiss watch manufacturers produce in a single year. A look at their design and manufacturing processes soon reveal why only a million have ever been made, each and every piece within the movement of a Patek Philippe watch is handmade and hand finished, these pieces are often only seen by a watchmaker, illustrating the meticulous attention to detail which goes into each and every watch. Further reasons to appreciate Patek Phillipe is the fact that each and every watch is made completely in house, with many watches being forged from a single piece of gold or platinum - no expense is spared during any part of the watchmaking process.

      At Burton Blake, we are very proud of the range of watch winders that we supply to customers looking for an innovative and stylish storage solution for their cherished watch, which also keeps the automatic movement within the Patek running smoothly - meaning that no matter how long your watch is off of your wrist, it still shows the correct time and date. These watch winders are available in a range of styles and designs - allowing you to match your perfect watch winder, to your collection.

      You can view the full range of watch winders below, and as always - if you have any questions at all about the range - please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.