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      Body Lotion is one of the best ways to pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home - allowing you to not only feel pampered, but also to enjoy having smoother, soften, more hydrated skin. As with anything in the skincare industry, there’s plenty of body lotions to choose from - with bath body lotion being used to lock moisture into the skin after a bath or shower, and standard body lotion being ready to use whenever.

      As previously mentioned, one of the biggest benefits of using body lotion is enjoying moisturised skin - keeping skin supple, and irritation free. As well as being used all over the body, body lotion is fantastic for any problem areas you may have on your skin, which are prone to dryness and irritation. Common areas to look for are elbows, knees and hands as well as feet! Body Lotion also delicately scents the skin, leaving a long lasting, wonderful feeling. Many of our customers also choose to buy their body lotion before going away on holiday to sunnier climates - providing an important moisture boost when back out of the sun's rays.

      At Burton Blake, we have chosen our range of body lotions incredibly carefully and all have been extensively tested by ourselves (it’s a tough life) before being available to buy. The brands within the collection represent some of most forward thinking skincare brands out there, and all have been designed to make you look and feel fantastic.

      You can browse the full range below, and as always - please do just get in touch if you have any questions at all.