Moshiqa Luxury Pet Fashion



      Moshiqa, luxury lifestyle creations to pamper and make your trusty Pet feel special. Aiming to remodel the life of pet fans with their motto, "spreading love, paw by paw", we are sure that is a brand that will excite our Luxury Lifestyle Customers!

      Moshiqa, the Luxury Lifestyle brand for pets and pet lovers, lands at Burton Blake, the Home of Luxury Lifestyle.

      Moshiqa was founded in Los Angeles by Meryem Birsoz and her life-partner dog, Moshi, in 2017, to offer a unique choice of luxury fashion wear and leather goods for your pet, including all the convenient accessories required while you’re out with your animal companions. Whether you’re shopping or relaxing on a yacht, this is the collection you should have by your side!

      Meryem Birsoz embarked on an ambitious journey of determination and hard work. She was inspired by her love for animals and her passion for fashion to create a global luxury lifestyle brand where pet lovers could indulge his or her love of their pet. From the stylish collars and leashes to sophisticated carriers, you can choose from a wide collection for your trusted friend to wear!

      The craftsmanship and deep knowledge of style and fashion in the field of pet luxury, the Mosquiqa team produce a range of super premium services and products with unique and luxurious pet aesthetic, designed to enrich the comfort, style and even the life of a pet fan.

      Following a path of continuous growth, Birsoz made Moshiqa into one of the most desirable and successful luxury lifestyle brands to pet accessories in the world. In three years, self-funded Moshiqa became number #1 in Asia and #2 in the US, just after Louis-Vuitton in 2019. Today, Moshiqa continues to grow, now present in stores across 25 countries globally. The Moshiqa Family has thousands of proud members, being the preferred brand of A-list celebrities and socialites all over the planet, including famous superstars like Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.

      As a worldwide pioneer and leader in Cat & Dog Deluxe Couture, Moshiqa proudly recommends feminine empowerment initiatives for the women of all cultures and social standing, in addition to animal welfare organisations both locally and overseas.

      Since late 2019, Moshiqa has begun targeting specific projects around the world that are showing real impact in empowering women and support animal welfare. With this in mind, the company is channelling 10% of its sales revenues to help impact the lives of women in need and homeless pets internationally via the non-profit organisations The Malala Fund and Dumpster Doggies. 

      We are confident that Moshiqa will make a desirable present for our Customers who love animals, offering them the opportunity to shop this amazing global brand with a benevolent soul, "spreading love, paw by paw".

      Shop Moshiqa from Burton Blake, with excellent customer service, our fast and free delivery and easy returns policy.