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Blunt Umbrellas Classic Strong Umbrella - Black

Extremely strong and wind-resistant, this Blunt stick umbrella has a distinctive, aerodynamic and lightweight design. This is the original Blunt classic style from the range of highly durable, super wind-resistant umbrellas. The safety tips around the edges provide Blunt umbrellas with their signature aesthetic as well as contributing to the name of the brand.

This brolly will keep you dry in a storm with winds up to gale force 11 as it has been specifically designed and tested to stay open and not turn inside out. It features a unique aerodynamic design and has a high-tension canopy, all of which enable Blunt to offer a 2 year warranty on this product.

Its lightweight construction using fibreglass, high tensile polyester and safety tips make this an excellent city street umbrella. The fully tensioned, gale force tested storm resistant qualities also make it ideal for the going further afield. It is a true all-rounder and the ultimate defence against the elements.

RTSTM (Radial Tension System) to create a fully-tensioned canopy for enhanced structural integrity.
38 point check: each umbrella has 38 checks before being dispatched.
Wind tunnel tested to breaking point to measure the force and at the point they fail.
Fibreglass ribs for strength without additional weight.
Double struts to redirect the wind flow and forces.
Floating ribs to transfer the opening force into the Blunt tips that evenly distribute the tension to the edge of the umbrella.

Key Features:
- 2 Year manufacturer's warranty
- Storm resistant
- Stick style
- Force 11 wind tunnel tested
- Lightweight 5mm fibreglass ribs
- Safety tips
- Aerodynamic
- High tension canopy

- Materials: Polyester; Fibreglass
- Dimensions: 120cm (Diameter) x 87cm (L)
- Weight: 640g

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