Nao by Lladró True Friends Porcelain Figurine

Nao by Lladró True Friends Porcelain Figurine

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Made in Valencia, Spain, this charming 'True Friends' figurine 2001614 from Nao is made from fine porcelain, hand painted in delicate pastel colours and then kiln fired for over twenty hours to achieve the flawless final glaze. This stunning piece depicts a young girl sitting on a cushion, dressed in a pretty pink nightdress, finished with intricate detailing on the hem, gazing adoringly at her new puppy. Showing wonderful attention to detail, this would make an ideal gift or collectible to treasure forever.

Nao is the product of the dreams of the Lladró brothers who wanted to produce a collection of porcelain figurines that were affordable to lovers of beauty. They have collaborated with young, local porcelain artisans to create figures that are full of charm and innocence.

Finish: Gloss

Sculptor: Alfredo Llorens

Year of introduction: 2009

Dimensions: 16cm H x 13cm W   




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